Nagarhole- The Zero Network Zone


It had always been amusing when it comes to travelling. But this one trip was of different level being a magical one indeed!

Nagarhole was the address we were called out for. Its mild cold weather (due to coffee bean plantation) and dramatic natural beauty amidst the forest was simply spell-binding. The talk about the trip was an ongoing fiesta for one whole week or so until the day finally came.


The Night Was Young & So Were We

The day had finally come. The bus flamed with the flowing energy as it kept moving. We all dozed off in a bit as it was going to be a draining next-day.


We opened our eyes to see a thin golden-orangish line. It was dawning. The place’s serene and quiet early morning radiance was a feeling nothing less than of heaven! The resort where we stayed was an A class resort. Why? Because the architecture had us wondering non-stop, its elegance, class & structure of the resort directly reflected the natural world outside.


Everyone relished every minute to bask in the winter sun was in no mood to stay indoors. We first went to have breakfast in the cafeteria. The food looked scrumptious & no one was in no mood to wait. Post all the morning formalities, we all headed to Irupu waterfall. What a way to start the morning!


As the night kicked in, a great party was waiting for all of us. Everyone was in a grand dance mood. The legs of all jumped melodramatically feeling the warmth of the fire. Also, many team members show cased their talents and presented their talents on the stage. Soon, all the expressing and chattering lead all of us for dinner!


Day2: Nature’s Walk

Right after a good day and great night, everyone showed up in the cafeteria the next morning. The delightful breakfast was waiting for us. Drooling over the breakfast, after distributing the prize to the deserving ones, we all advanced to a “nature walk”. Obviously, with a naturalist! He showed us the variety of flora and diverse breeds of fruits grown exclusively in that geographical area. We did absorb a lot of that short yet learning tour.


Bid Adieu

Marvelous! Nothing as serene and blissful we felt anywhere other than in Nagarhole. We touched the base in Bangalore late night at around 11. Yet, everyone has Sunday next day to rejoice the memories and freshen up physically and mentally for work. No wonder, such trips proved to be rejuvenating for each of us!